Young Versace ‘Fashionista’ Print Babygrow & Bib Gift Box Set


‘Fashionista’ Print Babygrow & Bib Gift Box Set is a perfect gift for a newborn baby and his parents. Fashionista set suits both girls and boys and comes in a very beautiful box. Versace branded prints make it look stylish and very expensive. For sure, this Versace baby set will be the best present among all. Besides, it is very convenient for a baby and colors of the set make it last longer. Even if the baby spits on a baby suit, it would not be noticeable and there is no need to immediately change the baby. In addition, if the baby wears this Versace bib, it protects the babysuit from this kind of problem. In this Versace set of babysuit and a bib, the baby will be the most stylish and cute in any company.

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