Young Versace Boys Blue Studded Logo T-Shirt


T-shirts are the most convenient tops for kids in summer. They have many advantages. T-shirts do not restrict moves of the child, they are breathable enough and suit any shorts or pants. Depending on a model, t-shirts can be casual and fancy. This particular t-shirt is rather casual, though it has a fancy décor. Designers of Young Versace mix different styles in one piece of clothes, thus creating an unforgettable masterpiece. This blue t-shirt for boys has short sleeves. It is made of soft stretchy cotton jersey (96% cotton and 4% elastane). It is decorated with a metallic silver studded logo of Young Versace – head of Medusa on the front. Head of Medusa is surrounded by the Greek fret pattern and the signature of Young Versace made in the darker studs.

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