Young Versace Blue ‘Medusa’ Padded Baby Blanket (74cm)


Absolutely beautiful blanket be Young Versace is made in the best traditions of the famous fashion house. Unobtrusive colors highlight baby’s tenderness. White color is considered the best for children, as it does not distract baby’s attention and does not irritate. One big blue medusa logo with Young Versace signature on one side and many small ones on the other side decorate moderate style of the blanket. Soft and friendly fabrics do not irritate delicate skin of the baby boy. Thanks to the high quality of the used materials, the blanket is easy to take care of, and it will look new even after multiply washings. Original Versace blanket is made in Italy and it is filled with Italian traditions of good taste. Covered with this blanket, little boy will sleep well and enjoy his awakenings.