Many people buy clothes online. Mothers who buy clothes for their children are not an exception. They prefer this way for its convenience, it takes much less time and the prices are much lower. Customers can feel the difference in prices when buying Versace clothes in the internet. Look through the catalogue on our site and you will be positively surprised by the prices and choice.

At the present time, it is very important to pay attention not only to the appearance of clothes, but also their quality, especially when it concerns clothes for kids. Safety and convenience are very important because baby skin is the most delicate and it needs appropriate care. Manufacturers of clothing for newborns, on the basis of the above, choose the most suitable fabric for its characteristics. I want to introduce you to some of the types of materials used in the manufacture of Versace children’s clothing and other products for babies.

Fabrics for children’s clothing should be hypoallergenic, soft, hygienic, hygroscopic, warm (in cold period) or vice versa breathable (for hot summer).

It is advisable clothes for kids were made of natural fibers or of high-quality artificial ones. Natural fabrics are eco-friendly but less practical and not always comfortable to wear. For example, bed linen and tops come into direct contact with the body, it is better to choose natural fabrics. The top children’s clothing can not do without synthetic fabrics, as they can protect against the weather and more durable than natural. Synthetic fabrics are constantly being improved and the parameters are getting close to the natural: they retain the heat, allow the skin to breathe, have a good moisture without absorbing it. The combination of synthetic and natural fibers is convenient and practical in the children’s clothing.

Infant clothes, such as tops, and bed linen should be made of cotton, chintz, calico and flannel. Wool should be of high quality, which is not split and soft to the touch. For older active kids, cotton is most pleasant for skin fabric (for tops it is ideal). For dresses, pants suit viscose will suit, it is well worn and it is easy to care, fleece is a good option for sweatshirts, jackets, it absorbs moisture and dries quickly.

Another good fabric for making tops for kids is Interlock. Actually, interlock is a cotton jersey. It has very unusual plexus fibers, for which it is named in this way. This material is often used for sewing clothes. The advantage of interlocking linen is its pleasant touch to the body and a comfortable fit. Different types of children’s clothing (suits, tops, sweaters, caps, bodykit, sliders) made of this fabric are very durable and good in terms of heat preservation, because it is important for the mother that the baby is warm. And yet, it is completely harmless material that is suitable for sensitive skin.

Without exaggeration, we can say that knitted things are one of the most convenient, very practical and not very capricious in care. Knitwear is very versatile fabric. The dress of thin knitwear protects your skin from the sun in summer and keeps the child warm in winter.

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