Strollers & Prams

Decision of what kind of stroller or pram you choose depends primarily on how you will use it. If, for example, you live on the 4th floor without an elevator, and there is no possibility of the contents of the stroller on the first floor, the most important is the ease of a pram. When you live on the ground floor or in a house with garden, suitable for you is to use buggy with cradles. No matter what model you need and choose, you might be interested in the model line of Versace. Their quality and unique design will make you the happiest mom and dad in the world. Versace for kids is famous for its convenience and style.

Benefits of Versace prams: a very comfortable, suitable for newborns and infants (until the baby starts to sit), it is justified especially in autumn and winter, usually has good cushioning and large inflated wheels, the choice of colors will make you happy.

Pram-transformer benefits: great for seniors, baby sitting – can be applied even to 3 years of life; perfect especially in the warmer months (winter, additional accessories, such as a blanket) is usually easier than other strollers.
Multi-functional stroller benefits: once you buy it, it fits a newborn, as well as younger and older baby, easy to carry, some models also offer car seat set (it can also be fastened to a pram). They are usually a little more expensive but you get more for that price.

If you decided to buy a Versace pram, you should take into account other parameters. Young mothers, assessing their kids stroller increasingly paying attention to issues such as:

Weight of the pram: before you buy a stroller for the baby, check how much it weighs. But do not ask the seller – it is the lift and take into account that more than once you’ll have to move it, for example with the child and, in the middle of shopping. Weight depends among other things on the frame – aluminum is the lightest.

Dimensions stroller: check whether it is possible to put the folded stroller in your car. Sometimes quite a few centimeters can make a difference.

Ease of use: you will use the stroller every day, so even the best in-store check easily whether it carries, going, decomposed and can it be done with one hand, it may be necessary when you’re holding the baby in arms. It is important that the individual elements of the trolley (top, back) get down quietly, without the crunch that could awaken the sleeping baby.

Carriage back: only multi-functional prams or transformers have several degrees of regulation, there must be a definite support for the child back. Adjustment should be easy with the ability to reshuffle, when for example, the child falls asleep. Better to back was high, as it is also suitable for grown-up baby.

Lining stroller: to be removable (so you can clean it), made of natural materials, with as little as possible the application of artificial fabrics that can irritate sensitive skin.

Depreciation stroller: must be present to soften the shocks faced by the child while driving on hard or uneven basis.

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