Winter is coming soon and it is the time to think of good snowsuits for a child. So, what the child should wear to feel comfortable and warm? For the first layer use special underwear, this includes everything from shorts and t-shirts, finishing with socks and underpants. Quality underwear for cold winter is usually made of modern synthetic fabrics, which, despite all the prejudices, allow the skin to “breathe” and at the same time, do not get wet, do not allow the bacteria to multiply and are hypoallergenic. Average cotton underwear does not fit here, it quickly absorbs sweat and the child freezes.

The second layer is responsible for the safety of body heat. Typically, this includes heaters inside the snowsuits, sweaters and a variety of vests, which are made on the basis of down (goose or eider) or non-woven insulation (Polartec 3M and Thinsulate). It is better not to use sintepon because already after the first wash it loses up to 30% of its thermal properties, in addition, underneath the body is absolutely not breathing. Good brands like Versace use only high quality materials for insulation. So, your child will be very comfortable and warm in Versace snowsuits. Non-woven insulation is absolutely hypoallergenic and eco-friendly synthetic substitutes fluff that perfectly retain heat and allows to evaporate excess moisture.

The third layer is a protective and is characterized by two main features: moisture remove and water resistance. Usually for this purpose they use special membrane tissue, and a cheaper option – impregnation. Naturally, the higher these characteristics are, the more expensive it will cost.

Snowsuits, both female and male models must be equipped with special “bells and whistles” that will ensure you extra comfort. Naturally, their amounts will depend strongly on the price of the product. For example, it is important that the suit had special seals on places that are most often injured in the fall – the elbows, knees. Not bad, if the sleeves have special tabs for fixing gloves, and all joints should be not just a quality stitched, glued and that will ensure the longevity of your costume.

All the costumes are usually divided into two main types – overalls and “two pieces”, that is, pants and jacket. It is very important to choose the right size: suit should not be tight, but also not very big. In order to select the most suitable option, a children’s snowsuit should be evaluated according to the same characteristics as an adult one, as the child’s snowsuit differs from yours only in size.

First, we need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. A quality suit should be permeable, protect against environmental influences and keep warm. These properties provide three layers of ski clothes. To keep the heat used in the manufacture of various types of materials, both natural and artificial. Preference should be given to an artificial (synthetic), which are not only easier to tolerate washing, but also have anti-allergic properties. Versace uses only best materials for producing snowsuits, as Versace cares about its young customers.

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