Buying baby shoes, you need to more thoroughly and carefully examine it for flaws, because it is very important in children to buy the right shoes that will not interfere with the foot to grow. After all, every day the baby is experiencing great stress on feet. But his legs quickly get tired. And in order not to increase the burden, choose the right shoes.

What is most important in children’s shoes? Firstly, it should protect the baby’s foot from any damage. Also, it should support leg in the correct position. Of course, comfort is important, and if your child already speaks well, be sure to ask, whether it is convenient to him in this shoe. One important factor is the stability of the shoe to the impact on environment. After all, the shoes can be worn not only in dry weather, no matter at what season you buy it. In any season of the year the weather gets wet sometimes. And, finally, think about the visual appeal of children’s shoes, you have chosen. Though, when choosing Versace brand, you can be sure in almost all these positions. The only question is to choose the right size.

So, what is the first thing you should pay attention when buying children’s shoes? Carefully read both shoes (boots, sandals) for high quality stitching, as well as take a look at the soles. It should be well and carefully glued. Swipe your finger on the skin near the sole, there should be no wrinkles, because then they can turn into cracks. It is best if the inner part of the shoe is made of leather, it will help the child to avoid sweating feet. If synthetic materials are used in shoes, it must meet the recommendations of the health authorities.

Children’s shoes should have sufficiently rigid heel made of durable materials. This applies to both winter and summer shoes. Up to 4 years, we only recommend shoes with a backdrop. The sole in baby shoes should be sufficiently flexible and easy to bend in the region of the toes. When a child is put on a pair of shoes, you can stick your finger between the backdrop and a leg, there’s bound to be an empty seat about 1cm.

Determine the length of a shoe. But how do you know whether it is convenient to the width of the foot? The simplest way is to draw around the foot of the baby and cut it. If paper insole will not bend at the edges, then shoes are wide enough for your child. Hands swipe the inside of the shoe, look, if there was thick seams or glue residue, since then these small deficiencies can lead to chafing the baby feet.

For the very little ones, it is worth buying children’s shoes from natural materials. Please note that children’s footwear should be orthopedic, shoes should not deform the leg. This is facilitated by a specially made on the inner sole of the instep. Its absence in poor quality shoes can lead to flat feet. Remember that for children like for anybody – shoes must be completely new.

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