Coats & Jackets

Every season, baby needs a different jacket or coat. To choose an appropriate jacket for the baby, you need to pay attention to the climate in your area. For winter, choose the extended version of the coat, then the child feels comfortable in cold weather. Light jacket with lined is useful to your baby in the spring, when it is warmer. On summer evenings, cool denim jacket will help. In the fall, you will need a warm jacket with a waterproof top layer and insulation. This jacket is useful to the child in the spring, too.

For each season, you need to buy two jackets, if one gets wet or soiled, it can be replaced by another. Wardrobe can be made in such a way as to complement the jacket and replaced with each other, they have different lengths, insulation and so on. Modern manufacturers produce different children’s jackets and coats with special impregnating and coating, which increases resistance to prevent the entry of dirt and moisture. This jacket will be enough to brush. You can find such items in our store Versace for kids. In general, Versace pays great attention to the materials for kids clothing, so you need not worry about that and think only about the look, you like the most and season.

Requirements for children’s jackets and coats are well known. They should not hamper the movement, be free and light. Under the jacket should be a place for the air to move freely. Normal length is the length just above the mid-thigh. Good thermal insulation is important in winter. Inside the sleeve, there must be knit cuffs and bottom of the jacket must be closed. This saves warmth and protects from snow, if the child has decided to play in the snow or ride a roller coaster.

The jacket should not be a clasp on the outside strap buttoned or buttons inside to be lightning. These fasteners give additional protection from the weather and wind. The outer part of the jacket or coat should not be rustling and soft. Practicality of the clothes, which consists of membrane materials, they let the air inside (the child does not sweat), and outside is a barrier to rain and snow. The lining should be made of natural materials: cotton jersey, flannel, fleece. They are pleasant to the skin and are hygroscopic and heat-saving properties. The clothes with synthetic liners is uncomfortable, it’s hot in summer and cold in winter, it is poorly breathable.

As a heater Versace usually uses synthetic fillers or goose down. Most practical synthetic fillers, they are unpretentious in storage, keep a large number of washes. Children’s clothing is better to buy a high-quality insulation, from well-known manufacturers like Versace. Insulation jacket must be quilted and down should not be collected in one place. It is necessary for the child to pick up a jacket with reflective stripes. The hood should be on the outer edge. Pockets can be external and internal, that is comfortable for the child.

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