Blankets & Shawls

No one would dare to argue with the fact that the most valuable thing for mom is her baby. From the first minutes of life, parents try to surround their children with care, love and warmth. Mother’s heat is not replaceable. But if we talk about physical comfort in cold winter days, children can feel uncomfortable. Blankets & Shawls become for a baby warm caring parents’ hands. They can give tender care, comfort and healthy, deep sleep.

If you decide to buy Versace children’s Blankets and Shawls, it is worth remembering a few things. Blankets can be used for walks and games on the floor. A variety of blankets and rugs today will help pick up the necessary thing, even for the smallest. Caring mother first of all pays attention to the material. Naturally, parents prefer natural materials, where there is no synthetic additives. Depending on quality, rugs and blankets differ in price. No matter what model of blankets and shawls you choose, Versace takes care of the quality of every product. So, you can choose just by the outlook, the rest is taken care of by Versace. Preference is given to cotton, lamb’s wool, flannel, European or Australian merino sheep. The last two species are treated with an Australian wool sheep breeds, which are of high quality.

Choosing a blanket for infants and young children, pay attention to the fact that there is no lint. The point size of the nasal passages of the baby. They are small, so if you will pile rug, a baby can inhale them and they can be big problems. But it’s not the only problem that can be caused by not quality rugs or blankets for children. Hazards may be allergic to one of the components contained in the material plaid. So advice: give preference to natural and soft tissues. That is why you should prefer good brands, like Versace.

Are there differences in a blanket for boys and girls? Naturally, blankets for boys and girls are different. First difference is the colors of the product. It is traditional to use pink for the products for girls and blue for boys in products. Though, with Versace for kids you have more choices! But over time it became not fashion, and simple prejudice. Today, parents often prefer neutral tones: yellow, green, beige. Parents choose colors, guided by individual preferences. When it comes to babies, then for such children is better to choose a warm and soothing colors, as bright colors contribute to the emergence of strong emotions and, for the part not the most positive. When the child gets older, leave the choice to him. Let him choose his own blankets and shawls. Children often pay attention to quilts and blankets with cartoon characters, fairy tales, or with abstract patterns.

The first thing to remember is that the blankets are separated depending on the types of wool. Versace uses: sheep wool, camel hair, cashmere. Positive qualities that are endowed with blankets of wool set. Fleece is an excellent heat stabilizer. Wool protects the body from overheating. This is due to the fact that absorbed heat is stored and the optimum temperature.

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