Soft, cozy, comfortable and pleasant to the body bathrobe – what could be better after a bath, shower, sauna, pool, or just at home on a cold winter evening! Children look especially cute in bathrobes. The first and most important measure of the bathrobe is quality of material. Both natural and synthetic fibers are used for making bathrobes.

Products made of synthetics do not require special care, they are easy to wash and pretty cheap. This gown is not suitable for use as a bathrobe. Synthetics are not able to absorb moisture and not breathable. Therefore, such a bathrobe would be very hot in summer and cold in winter. But the textile industry is constantly evolving and has already begun to make synthetic materials whose properties are close to natural. An example of this modern material is modal. Fabric is very soft and silky, has good strength, water absorption, and articles of practical and durable. The disadvantage is a relatively high cost of this material.

Still, the best material for bathrobes is a natural terry cloth. They may include cotton, bamboo, linen and other natural fibers. The most common bathrobes by Versace for kids consist of 100% cotton. There are several varieties of cotton, other than its structure, method of treatment, and as a consequence – properties.

For example, fabric consisting of combed cotton, is of particular softness, elasticity and strength, but is more expensive than conventional cotton. Even more expensive is Egyptian cotton. Products made of this material are very soft, light, strong and durable. Even after numerous washings, pellets will not appear in the bathrobe made of Egyptian cotton.

Another modern development is micro cotton. This material has a high ability to absorb not only moisture but also unpleasant odors. Therefore, micro cotton products are very popular among athletes. Now you can find bathrobes, composed of fibers from bamboo. Bamboo is considered a natural antiseptic and can kill 70% of germs. In addition, these robes are silky shine, and are durable. The quality and properties of the bathrobes depend not only on its composition, but also on the thickness and shape of terry loops, and a method of weaving. Loops can be simple or twisted.

Wound hinges consist of yarns twisted in a so-called flagella. Therefore, child’s bathrobe of tissue will be more practical and durable, but not as soft as is the case with simple loops. To bathrobe after washing is soft and pleasant to the touch, it is necessary to use special detergent or fabric softener, giving softness to the fabric.

Choosing a bathrobe, remember that first of all it should be comfortable and convenient. Do not buy too dense products, they will be very heavy. Choose only high quality bathrobes, and they will last long time, giving your baby warmth and a pleasant feeling of comfort.

The beauty of clothes for babies of known time-tested brands like Versace is that parents can choose the clothes that they like visually, and not worry about the quality. When buying clothes online, you do not always have the opportunity to see the real quality of clothes but when buying clothes by Versace, you can be sure that the quality is perfect.

Finally, we reached the most pleasant moment when armed with knowledge and a clothing store for babies simply choose what we like the most. While the child is small, parents have a great opportunity to please their taste. We wish you a successful choice!

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