Every year, right before the beginning of school or kindergarten, parents hurry up to the shops in search of a variety of school supplies. The most sought-after commodity in those days are children bags of different models designed for carrying notebooks, textbooks and others. Today, even a first grader backpack is filled to capacity. That’s why parents choose for their children’s school bags lightweight model, and rightly so. However, it should also be taken into account the child’s physique, because the wrong choice can affect the posture and the development of the whole body of the baby.

Buying bags and backpacks for children, pay attention to the width of the straps. Narrow straps will certainly create discomfort and pain, rubbing shoulders under the weight of accessories. Therefore, the straps should be wide enough and not too soft. Also pay attention to the back, which should be tight, protecting the baby’s body protruding from the corners. Backpacks should not be too long and wide, and in fact is in both cases, increasing the load on the baby’s spine. Never buy a child a handbag larger than the baby needs. Not only that, they are quickly get used to their bags and clothes, so children want something new every season. It is desirable to choose a bag together with your child. After all, the future owner of the backpack should take an active part in his choice. Only by working together, you can not make a mistake and buy a really high-quality and comfortable backpack for schoolchildren.

If you already have picked several models of Versace bags, invite your child to make a final decision and choose the one, he likes the most. In this case, you make sure that when the package arrives, your baby will be happy to become the owner of the best Versace bag.

Quality bags and backpacks, which you can buy in our store, are made of the most modern lightweight water-repellent materials, have anatomic back, comfortable straps (including thigh), chest valves and retainers. With such backpacks, your child will feel comfortable and safe, even after prolonged carrying.

We want to add a few more words about the style of Versace. Attention to detail is a unique feature of all without exception models of clothing, accessories and bags by Versace. Years of tough competition made it possible for Versace to realize a truly perfect mechanism of release of the goods, and children’s bags and backpacks for little boys and girls. Exclusive designs, high quality materials and equipment allow satisfying the needs of even the most inveterate skeptics. Versace always takes good care about its clients. Good quality of products and unbelievable design make them irresistible.

On the pages of our store Versace for kids, you can find a great variety of clothing, bags, accessories and many more items for your lovely boys and girls. Versace can never upset you, this brand knows how to make unique clothing for any stylish kid. We guarantee you not only the excellent quality of the goods, but also help in all aspects of shopping. Good luck and enjoy your shopping here!

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